Why Real Men Don’t Live For Social Media Validation

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Social media validation, millions of people have perished on this slippery road. Millions, still, continue to head there. But why does anyone need the validation of total strangers? We can answer this question from the wider human nature. A human being is wired as a member of a group.

Indeed human civilization originated from groups of gatherers and hunters wandering the face of the earth. Anyone excluded from the group would struggle to survive without food, fire, and against the wild animals.

Today, humans have continued to seek acceptance from others. But why seek this from social media among strangers who have zero contribution to your wellbeing? Because social media have become a group in itself and human wants have elevated from trying to survive hunger, the cold, and wildlings. What we need today is anything to feed us with lies enough to live another day with our insecurities.

But a real man is not like the average man. Here are reasons why he doesn’t live for social media validation.

Social media validation is fake.

Retweets, likes, shares, views, none of this is real. Most of the time, the people sharing or viewing your content or viewpoint are during it because they are bored, their crush shared it, you agree with them and they are sharing for the opinion not you, etc.

None of these speaks of their true feelings for you. It is about the moment. If you met them in the bar or at the library and mentioned that they once liked your tweet and urged you on, they would look at you like you have lost your mind. Because it is social media and they have liked, quoted, and retweeted dozens of people in the last one week alone. How do you expect them to remember you?

Social media validation is will not make a difference for you in the real life except you are in a popularity contest. And no, political validation is not usually fake because politics is built on structures outside of the TikTok app.

Social media validation is not concrete.

A real man cannot use social media validation to pay for his rent, buy his girlfriend dinner, or get an investor to sign a 20 million dollar check for his startup. There is no amount of social media validation that would earn you a living. Except you are an influencer then it is business for you.

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Otherwise, you can be cheered on all day, you can be hailed a savage in overflowing comment boxes, but when you drop your phone and open your fridge, you have no groceries and your retweets can’t help, when you reach for the other side of the bed, your LOML is not there and your Instagram likes are not there for the hugs and the whispers of beautiful nonsense.

Yeah, when the proverbial chips are down, social media is nowhere to be seen.

Because he is not a member of any mob.

A real man is his own man. He isn’t a social animal and doesn’t belong to any group at all. He doesn’t belong to any clique in real life, he wouldn’t pay a second’s attention to those offline. The real man does his own thinking, so he doesn’t need to come to social media to feel the pulse of the people and sample opinions.

His family and close friends know him for being true to himself and his thoughts, so if he is not beholden by the thoughts and opinions and traditions of his family and friends, why would he seek the counsel or validation of strangers with usernames of Bigmouth000076 and watercarrier987?

Because he is a private person.

Social media was built for extroverts. Of course, we have a lot of introverts in our social media spaces, you say. You are right. An introverted in real life who is noisy and savage on social media is introverted by shyness. The anonymity of social media gives them the confidence to be who they truly are but cannot be offline.

But the sigma man is a man a private person. He doesn’t need the whole world to know he is engaged and getting married. He doesn’t need the whole world to know he is having issues in his workplace and wants a change of job. He doesn’t want the whole world to know what he thinks of “Stranger Things”. He doesn’t want the whole world to know that he is anxious and making a lot of mistakes lately.

He understands that private matters should be private. Even when he has genuine complaints, he doesn’t have to let the whole world know. He would simply contact the support of the offending establishment and air his grievances.

It won’t make sense for him to enter a hall of 1000 people, walk to the podium, grab the mic and say MasterCard debited me twice for a single purchase, WTF. What would the 1000 people in the hall knowing that MasterCard debited him twice do for him? How would it help him? In the same way, he won’t post such on Reddit. He would talk to MasterCard support or his bank.

The real man takes social media as he would real life.

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