Five Reasons You Should Stop Skipping Ads On Youtube

Posted on June 24, 2022Comments Off on Five Reasons You Should Stop Skipping Ads On Youtube

Youtube is a top three social networking outfit on earth but left to you, they will never make any money. Because you won’t pay for Youtube Premium and you are always skipping ads. That five seconds you have to wait before you skip ads brings out the worst in you, almost.

You should look at your face in a looking glass sometimes, it is long, and cloudy, the precursor to your violet tap to skip the ad. You are not an impatient jerk, you’re just a normal social media user which is the same thing. More or less.

But is there any good in not skipping ads? Is there anything in for you? You should have asked this question in 1994 (no, no, Youtube hasn’t come out by then – I know, I know; I suspect one of us wasn’t born then and I am not the one, so). But it is never too late to learn something new.

Why you should stop skipping ads on Youtube?

You are making your favorite Youtuber lose money

You love your favorite Youtuber and you know they do Youtube full-term, it is their only source of livelihood, then why are you not supporting them. I know you can’t wait to get into the show of the day but your trigger-happy finger is costing your vlogger money.

When you skip an ad in the first couple of seconds, it doesn’t count. A Youtuber is paid if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad. Ads that are skipped so early are not totally wasted as they are counted as impressions for which Youtube pays the content creator a couple of cents per thousand, peanuts actually. The bulk of their income comes from the ads, so if you want to encourage your super blogger skip skipping ads.

Youtube will downgrade you

Youtube is a mega tech company. They need money to run servers for the billions of videos on their system. To make money, they need you to view ads. If you skip a few ads, no problem, but if you have made it a culture to speak ads, you are trying to bankrupt Youtube and they won’t like that.

Their bot will mark you as someone who doesn’t watch ads because every time an ad shows up on your screen, they are weighing your patience, so whenever they have unskippable ads, they will force you to watch the whole 10 to 15 seconds of the ads.

Some have complained that there are times they are unable to skip even the longer ads at all, times when they don’t just see the skip button and are forced to go through the whole two to three minutes of the ads or leave Youtube. I can’t say outright that this is due to your ad-skipping downgrade, but I suspect this is possible.

You may miss important information

Youtube sometimes tailors ads based on your interest. If you click to watch a chess game, they may show you an ad for a chess tournament in your area but you won’t know because you skipped it.

Recall, too, that your Gmail account is also your Youtube account. The things you search on Google are saved against your name. This works mostly for Google’s text-based AdSense program. They sometimes use it for Youtube.

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So if you have spent hours ransacking the internet and harassing Google for a pair of plus-size yoga shots, they may show you the yoga shots for plus-size people and you will, of course, miss it.

The ripple effect may cost you

One other thing Youtube decides when you see an ad is the compulsiveness of the ads, i.e whether it is appealing to the viewer or not. Youtube holds advertisers responsible for viewers’ impatience under the guise that advertisers should create unskippable content.

As a result, Youtube charges advertisers more when their videos are ignored. This will increase the ad budgets for the advisers which might see them look for money elsewhere, maybe by increasing the price of their product/service.

So if tomorrow the cost of a hand towel goes up, it might be because of those ads you skipped.


To lead you must first serve, I think I first heard this in “Game of Thrones” and it is the truth. And it also applies to Youtube ads. Everyone wants to be a big shot someday with a large sphere of influence.

To be a CEO tomorrow, you must first watch irritating Youtube videos today.

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