The Top 8 Ways Sigma Males Intimidate People

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Sigma males intimidate people. But unlike the alpha male, they are not out to intimidate anyone. They just do their things and people are intimidated. Here are the top eight ways the sigma male achieves this without even looking their way.

  1. Their competence

The sigma male is a highly competent person. Competence can be inspiring and intimidating in near equal measures. Among people with little competence and confidence, this can be intimidating, more so, because the sigma male doesn’t project competence. He is more likely to be found and made to perform a task than present himself.

The fact that he doesn’t readily present himself may give the impression that he is hiding due to his lack of competence or inadequacies. Actually, this serves to reduce expectations and effectively magnifies his competence.

And there is an aura of mystery around him that has the power to intimidate

  1. Their silence

A sigma male is an introvert. He hardly speaks except when spoken to or when super necessary. Even from someone who is a dullard, silence can be elevating. For the sigma male who is smart, even to the point of genius, this silence makes his few words, when he says them, powerful.

Silence can be ominous. Silence can be mysterious. Silence can be intimidating coming from someone who is really smart.

  1. Their thoughtfulness

A sigma male is a man of thoughts. He thinks before he speaks, he thinks before he acts, and everything he does is guarded by thoughts. And he thinks and acts in such a way that does not give the impression of indecisiveness. It is strength and it can be unnerving for people who look up to him or who work for him.

He is mostly silent and usually thoughtful. He gives the impression that he can see through your BS and shenanigans, making every glance in your direction look searching.

  1. Their memory.

A sigma male has a photographic memory. He sees things and he never forgets. This is not always the best scenario for staffers or subordinates. They wish you can be a little forgetful so they can come to the rescue. But a boss who remembers every single detail gives no room for extra shine.

It can also be intimidating because you are aware he remembers even the tiniest error you have made in the past.

  1. Their independence.

A sigma male can be intimidating with their fierce independence. He doesn’t need anything from you and is content with himself. The point is that you may be the one who needs something from him. But it is not just you, the sigma male is used to people coming to him for one help or the other.

This is what a sigma male would do when you reject him

This is what makes it intimidating, the fact that he rarely needs help from people. The fact that he may not have a lot but is self-sufficient with what he is, what he has, and the current state of his life. Or so it seems.

  1. Their freedom from strings

The sigma male is usually outside of the social strata. He doesn’t belong in any clique and is slow to party. In fact, he has very few friends and while he is known to be dependable, he is not led by any group ideology. He loves you but he is his own man. He is not part of any mob.

Because of his quiet nature, this is construed as him being calculative. As we know, the dark can give horns to dogs so it is easy for people to suspect that the reason the sigma male is so free from strings is that he has his own secret association that no one knows about.

Yes, the average man is rarely of the belief in the uniqueness of others. They suspect you are like them and hiding something and probably waiting for the right time to spring out their surprise. This can be intimidating.

  1. Their charisma.

Charisma is attractive, nay captivating. But charisma is also intimidating. A man of charisma seems elevated from the rest of the people. He seems to possess something the common person does not have, and cannot comprehend.

This is where the intimidating aspect comes in. People wonder what it is that makes you special. Your smile but you don’t have the whitest teeth, your handsomeness but you are not the handsomeness in the room, your voice, your confidence, and smartness are all suspects. But there is no certainty. This lack of certainty or a clear source of your grace can be intimidating.

  1. Their confidence.

A confident man, by nature, is an intimidating man usually for the timid. If you are shy or a nervous wreck, the sight of a bold man can have a destabilizing effect on you. We must point out that it is not just for the shy. Even a confident man can be intimidated by another confident man who is independent, resourceful, and smart.

None of the above points are the conscious doing of the sigma male. Like Achilles, he was born and this is who he is.

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