7 Reasons Sigma Males Ignore Women

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We have established in this blog that a sigma male is not just about his sexuality and relationship with women. He can be your boss, a successful politician, and just about anyone around. Well, not just anyone around – any genius around. The sigma male isn’t just anyone.

Despite the heavy association of the sigma male with women, it is not impossible to see a sigma male who is without a woman and totally ignores them, no flirting, no dates, zero relationships.

Here are a couple of reasons why this is possible.

1, He’s onto something.

The sigma male is a highly motivated man and determined. When he has his teeth on something he doesn’t give up until it is done. While on this, his already poor social life dies completely. And women suffer too because, sometimes, he sees women as part of socializing.

This sort of sigma male may never come around to paying women attention because he is always onto something, always onto a project or the next stage of the same project. So when you see a sigma male ignoring women entirely, this may be because he is a Project Man.

2, He’s struggling.

Most sigma males have their lives figured out. If a sigma male doesn’t, he is unlikely to find women attractive. He is more likely to see them as a distraction that could wait until he’s done with a program or building that app.

Generally, because he is a loner, everything that has to do with pleasure can sit out his struggles until he is in a place of confidence with his career or/station in life.

3, He is just been himself – independent

A sigma male is fiercely independent and cherishes his freedom more than many things. In fact, his freedom is probably his most prized possession which he guards jealously. He won’t have any interest in women if he views them as competitors for his time and detractors of his freedom.

People call a man and a woman in a relationship an item and this is a major red flag for the sigma male chap. An item means eating together, watching the movies together, going out together, spending loads of time together, et cetera. The thought of giving up his me-time for these could sap his energy where women are concerned and make them unattractive to him

4, He doesn’t feel like it

It is very possible that the reason the sigma male doesn’t care about women because he doesn’t feel like carrying about women. Do people feel like carrying women or women are needs that must be met? you may ask. The answer is yes and no. No, the average male sees women as necessities to be explored.

The sigma male is not an average man. He is a man of his instincts, a man of his own. He would only go for women when he wants to, when he feels ready. But now, he doesn’t feel like it so he’s alright ignoring them.

5, He’s been hurt.

A sigma male ignoring women may have been hurt in the past. You know he is not really into women from the beginning. But, somehow, he found himself loving a girl and then it didn’t go well. He made himself vulnerable and was locked down. He now feels uninspired to get on the horse again and ride.

He may return to being with women but the fire, in the beginning, may no longer be there. He may as well regain his fire but he won’t force it, so when you see him ignoring women, nay, avoiding them, he is still in the healing stage and because he is built differently, this may take forever.

6, Women aren’t his thing

Related to the above point, he may not have anything for women at all and being one who isn’t moved by peers and the society won’t make any move for them. A beta male who doesn’t feel anything for women may still go out with women just for him to feel part of the boys.

Not the sigma male. If he is not naturally drawn to women, he is not drawn to women and this is what it is. And this doesn’t mean he is drawn to men, could be but not always so. It just means he loves his company so much he doesn’t think it can be improved by anyone romantically.

7, He hasn’t found her

Yes, this is a big possibility. A sigma male loves his independence and freedom so much that it would take a really strong force to make him give up any inch of his most cherished possession. He isn’t interested in a fling or a one-night stand, this is not who he is. He wants something serious, something real, and with someone who has made so much impression on him. Just any girl won’t work.

He is in no hurry to become an item, so to say, with a girl. He has the patience to wait and he has the mind to wait indefinitely. As he doesn’t feel the need to have to marry or be with a woman just for the sake of doing what society expects. He would only become involved with a woman when he finds his soulmate.

Image source: Her Way