Sigma Male Traits Women Are In Search Of

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A sigma male is the most sought-after male out there. Men envy him and women die to make him their man. You may not be a sigma male but there are sigma male traits you can imbibe that would draw women to you in the droves.

Here are a couple of traits served hot to you.

Sigma male traits women are dying to have

One, reliable. A sigma male is a reliable person. This comes from the fact that he doesn’t have a lot of friends. He chooses his friends carefully and his lover even more carefully. Because of how intentional he is about this, he doesn’t joke with them. He stands with them at all times and dashes toward them when they call for help. He never makes excuses.

Sigma males are reliable and women love them for that.

Two, trustworthy. A sigma male is trustworthy. He is not too much of a social person. In fact, he tries as much as he can to stay off social limelight. He is a loner. The only thing that brings him out or makes him socialize with people is usually strong. If he loves you, it is most likely for real and he won’t look elsewhere for attention. It is not his personality.

Ever worked with a sigma male boss?

In the beginning, when he is yet to become tight with you, he could flirt with a girl or two. But not anymore. Now, you are his and he trusts and respects you.

Three, confident. A sigma male is confident without being arrogant which is one thing that makes him different from the alpha male. He doesn’t carry his confidence in his sleeves. He doesn’t want to be in the fore. But when he has to, he shows up sure of himself whether it is to charm your friends or family or give a growling toast on your birthday.

Four, flexible. A sigma male brings flexibility into his relationship with the woman he loves. He doesn’t hold any view too strongly that he won’t let go if it is shown to be flawed. This makes him great in adapting to new circumstances and environments. This is the kind of man women need as they grow in life and career – someone more likely going to support than judge.

If you are a man trying to attract women, this is one trait you should possess.

Five, independent. The sigma male is a man of his own. He isn’t part of any clique or herd. He does what he believes to be right without looking over his shoulders for validation. This is a big plus when you guys face issues that the society has a defined “standard” rules on. He would stand by you even if the whole world believes he is a fool for doing this.

This is something women love in their men and this is a sigma male trait you should be ready to be associated with to make a success with women.

Six, intensity. A sigma male loves with intensity. He brings passion and power to the relationship. Without drama. And this aspect is what sets him apart from the alpha male who is also a lover of high intensity but one who carries drama everywhere he goes.

Some women love a little drama now and then but when they are really into you and looking for something more permanent, they would rather be without it. If you bring passion to the table, women would love you for this.

Finally, creativity. Women love creative men and that is something the sigma male does very well. He is good with words and is intentional with his acts. For many men, romance ends after you agree to be their woman. Not the sigma male, he still has a lot to prove to you and would continually go out of his way to show you how much you are worth to him.

If you are trying to imitate the sigma male lover, creativity should rank high on how you treat your woman.

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