The One Thing Every Sigma Male Gets Wrong In A Relationship

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Sigma males are mostly discussed in relationship with their relationships with the opposite gender. It is ironic that sigma males do not have relationships figured out.

In fact, if all the archetypes of men are ranked by how much they understand relationships, the sigma male would rank the lowest. But this is not always noticed because women love them a lot and easily make excuses for their shortcomings, coupled with the fact that the sigma male when he is really into you is an impeccable lover.

So there is more than just one thing that the sigma male gets wrong in a relationship. However, we would take a look at one of the most overlooked weaknesses of the sigma male which has cost many of them their true love.

The sigma male believes that a relationship is an appendage and that they can be in a relationship and still enjoy their freedom, their solitariness, and their fierce individualistic personality. This cannot be further from the truth. A relationship is more of an item than an appendage.

In a relationship, you would spend a lot of time with your lover, have a lot of conversations, and plan a lot of things together. In essence, a sigma male will not have as much freedom and me-times as he believes he deserves.

Here are a couple of scenarios where the sigma male gets this wrong.

Scenario one

A sigma male just had thrilling sex with his woman. The first thing he does afterward is dash to the bathroom and takes a shower. His woman wants to cuddle and to have sweet nonsense whispered into her ears.

Overall, she wants some form of assurance that he loves her for who she is, beyond just her body. She enjoys sex but she regards sex as just one of the many things you guys do together.

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But the sigma male wants to catch up with work on his laptop or news on CNN or just play a couple of chess games online. He still cares about his woman which is why he gave her this mind-blowing intercourse but it doesn’t occur to him that she needs more than just this.

The girlfriend may leave believing that the sigma male doesn’t care enough and only wants her for her body. The sigma male will feel she is being petty or just silly for making a big deal of nothing.

Scenario two

The sigma male’s girlfriend’s friend is celebrating her birthday. There’s a party. She invites the sigma male two days before the event. He is not fired up but chooses to go because it means a lot to his girlfriend. At the party they all had fun.

Afterward, the girlfriend decides to follow the sigma male home and spend the night but the sigma male didn’t plan for this. The girlfriend takes his hesitation for her man not loving her enough.

At his place, she decides to talk about this but the sigma male would rather check his emails and respond to them in quietness. His noncommittal response further infuriates her. She grabs her handbag to leave or moves to the next room hurting. The sigma male is lost at what the whole fuss is about.

Scenario three

The sigma male girlfriend comes into his house and sees that he has discarded all his furniture because he has always loved a minimalist lifestyle and now decided to try it out. Except he is forgetting one small issue, he didn’t discuss with her.

The girlfriend is not happy about this and is cold throughout her stay. Depending on her temperament, she may bring this matter up tonight or later on as an example or part of a string of examples of how her boyfriend doesn’t carry her along.

She will point to last year when he traveled to California for a two-day event but stayed an extra two days even though he had said he would be on the next flight after the event. He didn’t and didn’t think to explain the change nor apologize for it. There was the issue a couple of months back when she suggested they get a red car. He didn’t argue otherwise but went on to buy a silver car for himself.

“He doesn’t love me,” would be the conclusion of many girlfriends in response to these. But it is not so. The sigma male is just being what he is a sigma male who has little clue about the fact that a relationship calls for compromises most of the time. In fact, nearly all the time.

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