10 Sigma Male Hobbies

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Ever wondered what a sigma male does for a hobby? You should wonder no more, we have you covered here. Here are ten sigma male hobbies to keep in mind when trying to define the hottest male character in the hood.

We have ten of them for you.

1, Playing chess. He is probably not a sigma male if he doesn’t love chess. There are 24 chess pieces between black and white players. After two moves, there are 400 possible combinations; after 5 moves there are 4.86 million possible combinations on the board. After move five, there are over 69 trillion possible combinations.

This mindboggling game is not for the faint of wit. The sigma male loves this for its cognitive exercise and because he is not one for crowds and chess requires only two players. And he gets to enjoy his solitude and still enjoy the game online against a random player from across seas or against the computer.

3, Running marathons.

This is a game of endurance. A sigma male is a man of determination and strong willpower. Marathon requires determination and dedication which allies with his character. And if you add the massive fitness gains derivable from this, you would understand why a sigma male is running 42 kilometers for fun.

3, Doing Muay Thai.

This game is believed to be the hardest of the hardcore martial arts workout out there. It is also rare. Difficult and rare is the perfect combination for the sigma male. The fact that it requires coordination, determination, and mastery makes it even more appealing to the brilliance concentrated style of the sigma male.

4, Online dating.

This has become a popular hobby for Americans with a recent report saying that 27% of young Americans are on dating sites and having fun. This is something you are most likely catching yourself doing as a sigma male – just for the fun of it.

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This is proven by the fact that a sigma male rarely goes from app to a date. He is not looking to date for real but he finds the idea of chasing in the comfort of his bed and the bubble of anonymity intriguing.

5, Creative art.

The sigma male is a genius and one place you readily find geniuses is in the creative space. It is not uncommon to see a sigma man painting, drawing, sculpturing, carving, or writing poetry. The truth is, whenever you see a magnificent piece of art, one of two times, it is the handiwork of a sigma male genius.

6, learning a new language. This is fun. It is educative, it opens you into a new culture, a new world entirely. And the fact that it boosts multitasking, problem-solving, decision-making, and dedication makes it even more appealing for the sigma male.

7, Learning/playing a musical instrument.

This has been shown to help in the increment of IQ and improves memory, More often than not, a sigma male is already a guitar, piano, violin, xylophone, or some other instrument. He plays this usually for fun and for the people he loves. He is unlikely to play professionally but don’t overrule this.

8, Playing video games.

Forget all the numerous slanders against video games, it has its rewards and these are not just cognitive but as well as physical and social benefits. A sigma male loves this hobby because he is more likely to play it alone.

9, Wine tasting. This is considered an elitist hobby but it involves an intriguing process known as Five “S” – see, sniff, swirl, sip, and savor and the taster is supposed to be looking for clarity, varietal character, integration, expressiveness, complexity, and connectedness. This is something only the most brilliant minds can do and isn’t that what a sigma male is – a brilliant mind?

For the last one, we would name a series of hobbies that a sigma male is likely to be engaged in. They include swimming, elements collecting, fishing, sword fighting, and fast car driving.

Be mindful of the fact that there are so many hobbies for the sigma male to explore. This ten are just some of them.

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Image source: Dicebreaker