Unmasking Reasons Why People Hate Sigma Males

Posted on July 4, 2022Comments Off on Unmasking Reasons Why People Hate Sigma Males

If you live on the internet, it is easy to assume that everyone loves the sigma male. It is believed that women die to date him and men envy and imitate them. This is not always so. a sigma male can attract hate and, indeed, they have attracted doses of resentment from people who misunderstand them or who do not have the ability to appreciate rarity.

But what are some of the reasons why people feel strongly against sigma males? We go.

1. Their difference

A sigma make is unlike most people and most people are not happy about this. Man in its most primitive state is part of a herd with a leader who shepherds them around. The average man is so much like this and wants to be led. They are afraid of the future and are too lazy to think hence they outsource their future plans to someone else. If it fails, they have who to blame.

Thus, they are unhappy to see someone who is not part of their tribe, someone who does his thinking and planning and has his life figured out. Sigma male doesn’t partake in the usual sports that everyone is crazy about and he still has fun, he doesn’t follow the stylish trend and he still dresses smart, he has no clique and he’s never lonely.

This is too much for some to stomach.

2. Their success

A sigma male is a highly successful person. Generally, successful people are not the favorite of many people. You could think that broke people would be inspired when they see a successful person. In a normal world, this is so, but we aren’t living in a normal world.

The average person is offended by the sight of what he doesn’t have and seeing someone being something he can only dream to be. So the sigma male ends up getting hate not for being a sigma male but for being a successful person who happens to be a sigma male.

3. Their confidence

A sigma male is a highly confident person. The problem is that many people are unable to tell the difference between confidence and arrogance. The sigma male is introverted and not overtly social but when confronted with a task or people his confidence shines through his execution and interaction.

Women are in search of this sigma male traits

This is competence. But people who don’t understand it see it as arrogance and react with resentment toward the sigma male

4. Their success with women

Because he is successful, reliable, supportive, confident, and creative, the sigma male attracts a lot of women. When he chooses, he flirts with them. Otherwise, he sticks to his woman and showers her with romance, loyalty, and trustworthiness.

Even women he isn’t dating long for him and compare him with their men which infuriates their men and makes the men despise him.

5. Their aloofness

Because he is usually a loner and is slow to mingle, people mistake this for arrogant coldness. But it is not so. He is just a man on the solitary road. He will befriend you if he feels connected to you. Or not. He won’t be rude when you interact with him but as a reserved person, he wouldn’t say a lot and may not be open to another meeting.

These may be interpreted as him having the feeling of being better than others. Or just an anti-social person. None of this inspires friendship. In fact, this is a source of strong dislike for the sigma male, most especially from people who deal with him every week and just can’t bring themselves to break into the veneer of his sense of distance.

6. Their difference from other males

The sigma male is extremely rare. There are just about 4 of them for every 100 men you meet on the street. The rest of the 96 men are alpha males, beta males, gamma males, etc. Most of these male archetypes do not like the sigma male.

The alpha male hates the sigma male because the sigma male is the only male type capable of challenging the alpha male’s domination of the group. And unlike the alpha male, the sigma male doesn’t overwork for the attention and affection he gets. He is not even an insider in the group but when he has to lead, he has the charisma and skillset to dislodge the alpha male.

The beta male hates the sigma male because the sigma male is nobody’s yes man. The sigma male gets to the position of power on the back of his leadership prowess. Unlike the beta male, he doesn’t have to lick anyone’s butts to become powerful. He is his own man and despised for that.

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