Daily Habits Of The Sigma Male

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A sigma male is far unlike most men in that he is slow to socialize, is big on his me-time, self-contented, and is a goal-getter. What are the sigma male habits on an average day? We have you covered.

Wakes early

The sigma male is awake before six. Sometimes, as early as 4.30 AM. He rises early mostly because he goes to bed early. But this is not always. Sometimes, he works far into the night. Still, the force of character means he is awake when he needs to be, usually without the help of the alarm clock.

He is a morning person and wakes as early as possible to enjoy the joys of the morning.


The sigma male’s first point of action on waking is to spend a considerable amount of time meditating. Meditation is the practice of training the mind to be aware, alert, and alert for the rest of the day. It is the best preparation for the day and his day would be left-sided without it.

The sigma male meditates for up to 30 minutes.

Works Out.

After meditating, he goes working out. He is big on fitness and gets this done in or outside the gym. The sigma male may or may not have a gym account but he gets exercises done whether doing dozens of pushups, squatting, planking, lunging, kicking, crunching, bridging, lifting homemade weights, or outside jogging or running.

Calming music.

This one is not a routine on its own in that it can be on throughout the morning from as soon as he wakes, through his working out and meditations. Music puts him in a soothing and productive mood. While the sigma male is not particular on genres, he prioritizes cool music in the morning.

Eat a healthy meal.

Most morning people consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. The sigma male eats big in the morning. He consumes a lot of calories, proteins, and fats. And no, he is not trying to get fat. It is breakfast and this is the only time many dieticians advise you to consume calories.

The fact that the sigma male works out is important in protecting him from the adverse effects of eating too many calories.

Catches up with the industry.

He now opens his laptop and checks his mail for important newsletters of his niche. He would also read his favorite blog and checks Twitter for the keywords that matter to him. If he is a programmer, he is already following dozens of photography handles and businesses with which he keeps himself updated on the trend of the industry.

This is also the time he listens to his favorite podcast or watches his favorite Youtube channel.

This is risky for the average man as it may see them distracted and lost in the Social Media space. But the sigma male is not the average man. When he says he would be on Twitter for 15 minutes max, he is there for 15 minutes or even less.

Plans how his day would go.

The next thing the sigma male does is decide the works he would do today and the ones he would prioritize. The sigma male mostly works for himself. Even when he works for someone else, he is usually so good that he has the leeway to control the pace of his work.

This stage is not usually daily as his work mostly falls into a brilliant routine.


Then the sigma male gets to work.

Breaks for a me-time.

When the sigma male takes a break, it is to spend time with himself away from work. He does things like playing video games, playing a musical instrument, playing chess, or reading. He does this online or offline on his computer alone. This is also the time he may take to work on his own thing if he works for someone else.

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It is his me-time and he would spend it the way he deems fit.

More work.

After this, he goes back to work.

More music

For the rest of the day, he enjoys more music. This time around, it is not necessarily cool music which he mostly reserved for the morning time. He plays hip hop, rap, and all sorts of music depending on his preference. Being the meticulous man that he is, he has a series of playlists he carefully selected for diverse moods and workdays.

More healthy meals

The sigma male also makes out time to eat healthy meals for the rest of the day. Usually, he is a big eater and can be pretty choosy which means he makes out time to cook his own meals to his peculiar taste. If he’s the cooking type, this also finds its way into his daily routine.

Of course, these habits defer from one sigma male to another but most of these features find a home in the daily life of your average sigma male.

Image source: Men’s Health