Why A Sigma Male May Ghost You In A Relationship

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Ghosting is a situation where a friend or partner totally ignores you with no explanation – no trace of a fight or even an argument. They just stop texting you, stop replying, no longer take your calls, do not call, nor engage with your posts online. Just like that.

Both genders do this a lot but men do not usually get the same benefit of the doubt as women. Women escape with the excuse that she is no longer into you, you didn’t make yourself worthy of your love, she needs her space, etc. It is not rare to hear men called selfish, insensitive, and cruel for ghosting someone.

Why we cannot make excuses for all men, the sigma male is not like most men. He is his own man and nonconformist. So why would he ghost anyone rather than come out and clearly communicate his reservations?

Here are reasons why a sigma male may ghost you.

One, you hurt him. Most people who are ghosted cannot point out the problem that caused their partner to just crawl into their shell and ignore them. But there is a method to this madness for the sigma male. You hurt him real bad.

The thing is, the sigma male may not leave you as soon as you hurt him. He is an overthinker and a meticulous analyst. When you hurt him, he may shrug it off and continue his relationship with you. But as time unfolds, he begins to rethink and replay the situation in his mind. Depending on how much he loves you or trusts you, the hurt may continue to grow in his eyes until it becomes unbearable.

The thing is, if he already trusts you, he may feel betrayed over a certain kind of hurt. If he doesn’t trust you, he may feel justified over your behavior and withdraws from you. But not immediately. He would only when he arrives at the conclusion that your offense is unforgivable.

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Sometimes, however, it is not just one offense. It could be a culmination of small offenses that, when taken as a bunch and dissected on his analytical table, amounted to a big deal that crossed the forgiveness Rubicon.

Two, he was never into you. The sigma male has the tendency to flirt. He is not a socializer and when he decided to unwind may cross into flirtatious territory without even taking note. Unfortunately, you may catch feelings and want more from him.

But there are many of you and he didn’t even collect the phone numbers of many of them. But you have his number and social media handles because you got lucky or he got a little overcarried. When he gets back to his senses, so to say, he would snap back to reality and you have no place in his reality so he goes on to ignore you.

But why can’t he just say so and put you out of the misery of wondering what you did wrong? Because he is a man of little words and sucks at communication. He somehow expects you to understand that he is moving on because it was never serious. So your constant texts and calls would be misconstrued as you being “extra”.

For many women, this is just plain cruel. Why did he give me the signal only to get my attention and now walk away? You will ask and you may never get the answers you need from him.

Three, he saw through you. While the sigma male is slow to communicate, he is sharp with his eyes and it is not just about the surface for him, what you show him. He is too smart for veins and facades – he sees through all the BS.

If you have come to the sigma male because of what you can get from him economically or socially, or just because he is hot and you want a piece of him in bed and your IG story, he would know. You may be very good at hiding it and he would still find you out. Sometimes, it is your body language, or the tone of your voice, or how you look at him.

If he really likes you, he may decide to overlook your ulterior motives with the belief that you may come to love him for who he really is and not for who he is to your fancies. But if he is not that strongly into you or he feels he cannot manage your motives, you won’t hear from him again.

Because the sigma male is not god, he makes mistakes. You may want him for something serious but somehow, your vibe triggers the wrong alarm bells in his head and he misunderstands your intentions and blanks you.

It is also possible that you hurt him unintentionally and would be contrite and guard against making the same mistake. But the problem is that with the sigma male, you may only get one chance.

But before you go on believing it is because of a misjudging on his part, be aware that the odds of the sigma male misjudging your intention is very low. More like 1 in every 30, if we must name a figure. But you can go on and believe whatever makes you deal with his ghosting better.

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