Sigma Male 101: Everything To Know

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Everyone seems to be talking about sigma males. Hundreds of videos and articles have bedeviled this male character. It’s easy for what a real sigma male entails to be lost in the bottomless haystack of the internet. Here, with Sigma Male 101, we intend to give you a simple and rich summary of who a sigma male is.

First, sigma is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet. Its equivalent in the English lexicon is the letter “S”. The most known male character type is the alpha male which represents the letter A.

So, in a way, we can say the difference between the alpha male and the sigma male is as wide apart as their positions in the alphabet table. The sigma male is the opposite of the alpha male in nearly every sense.

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Where the alpha male is extroverted, the sigma male is introverted. Where the alpha male is the captain of a tribe of lions, the sigma male is a lone wolf. The alpha male lives for the crowd and derives his relevance from the affection of the group. The sigma male lives outside the group and doesn’t require their validation to thrive.

But unlike the beta, gamma, and omega male types, the sigma male is as successful as the alpha male with women, in business, and in politics.

Even though Mr. Sigma doesn’t belong to any tribe, he can function in any group when necessary. He is not a leader but can lead when called upon. Nor is he a natural follower but can follow when it agrees with his aspirations. He is flexible.

Basically, a sigma male is a freethinker, independent-minded, and passionate about his freedom.

Where an alpha male is like a body of turbulent water, sucking everyone towards him, for his own glory, the sigma male is more of an inner person, he is still water that runs deep, capable of charming anyone to swim underwater when he desires.

Image source: Wired Impact