Screen Replacement: Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Posted on March 18, 2022Comments Off on Screen Replacement: Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

We live in a DIY world and everyone can be a master with the power of Youtube. Nearly everyone. The crash of your phone screen is a painful thing, capable of ruining more than just your day – as long as the crack remains on the screen every time you access your phone is a moment for regret and frustrations. You can do something about this. You can get a screen replacement.

You don’t have the tools

There are a series of screwdrivers you would be needing to work on your phone yourself and these tools do not come with your phone nor are they part of the house essentials. Sometimes, you may be lucky to have your PC toolkit serve. Most times, you won’t. IPhones, for instance, go out of the way to build screw heads that are rare and cannot be loosed with non-iPhone screwdrivers.

In some cases, you may have the right screwdriver to loosen the nuts in the first component layer of your smartphone. After that, you would encounter a new set of screws that your generic driver is unable to loosen. You would have hit a wall.

This is one vital reason you should not think about it, the first step of screen replacement is the right tools.

You don’t have a clue

If you do not have a clue about chess and you watch a couple of chess tutorials on tactics and strategies, would you become good enough to become the champion of your local chess club? No, you would be pummelled by most beginners because you are still a novice as the ability to play chess is not in the tutorials but in the playing.

One thousand hours of videos won’t help much if you never played. In the same way, no amount of DIY video would help you if you have no clue about the inner workings of appliances. The videos may only give you a clue but if there is no foundation of phone know-howness in you, you would still falter.

How to clean your phone screen

It is not about Youtube, it is about your technical capacity. You can never Youtube your way into becoming a piano master. With hundreds of hours on Youtube, you may be able to play your birthday tune but that is that. Hundreds of hours would more than help you replace your phone screen but you don’t have hundreds of hours for a mere screen replacement.

You have only minutes and the odds are high you would never be able to fix a screen on the strength of 35-minute videos.

Don’t even think about it.

It is not worth the trouble

If the crack on your phone screen is not much, if it is negligible, then you shouldn’t invest your time and resources to replace your screen. The truth is that the factory-made screen is the best for your phone. Replacing it would mean opening yourself to getting an inferior screen. Better a cracked superior screen than a clean inferior screen.

Let it be.

You would spoil something

The inner workings of a phone are complex. There is the circuit board containing what the Howstuffworks call the brain of the phone. There are analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion chips; there are digital signal processors, microprocessors, ROM, flash memory, radio frequency, power, the display system, so many. Too much for the unsteady hands of an inexperienced person.

Something as small as not cleaning the portions for the adhesive tapes may unbalance the screen of the phone and reduce the aptitude of the phone. But that is the least of your worries. If you mistakenly cut a wire, you need to solder it back and this is where the main problem starts, with soldering you need to control the power as too much power may burn the system of some signals and make them invalid.

Even if you don’t cut any wire, you may put too much energy or awkwardness on some systems, most especially the screen touch that may affect its workings. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with fixing a phone screen by a novice.

You need a new phone

You cracked or damaged screen may just be a clue that you have used your phone long enough and need to replace it. No, this is not to say that the phone length of time has weakened its screen, it is just a sign that you need a new phone.

Most times, we know we need a new phone but we hardly make out the time to get it. Until something happens then we are forced to get our arse off the seat and go to the shop and get it.

Your damaged screen may be the push you need to act.

Image source: Tech Advisor