Reject A Sigma Male And He Will Do This

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A sigma male is not one to be toyed by women. He is not so much into women and can be found to flirt now and again, but when he falls for one, he loves fiercely. But what happens if a sigma male who isn’t so big on women falls for you and you reject him? The next moments of this post would reveal.

One, the sigma male may not even notice that you rejected him. If he tells you that there is a fine movie he feels you guys could see this weekend and you see no, you are busy, he would shrug it off and move on with his business.

If you expected him to ask again because you weren’t in the mood or weren’t sure you like him like that, you are mistaken – he wouldn’t. In most cases, he isn’t really into you. He doesn’t know you like that and isn’t sure you won’t become a stumbling block to his cherished freedom.

So he made the move while still contemplating if this was the right move or not. So when you reject him, you didn’t really reject him, you just confirmed to him that this wasn’t a great idea. He won’t beef you, he won’t bear a grudge because he doesn’t take offense. But you may have lost a great man for good.

Two, the sigma male is not one to play by society’s rules or codes of dating conduct, to say. If you reject him, he moves on and may even forget about the whole thing in the next couple of days. Don’t be surprised, however, if he feels connected to someone close to you and asks them out. You could feel outraged that he is now dating your sister or your friend.

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This is normal to him because both of you were never an item. Yes, he did ask you out but it was a decade ago to him even if it was a couple of weeks back. He may have felt something for you but he was mistaken as is evidenced by the fact that she said no.

So, don’t take it personally.

Three, if you reject a sigma male he may recommend someone else to you. Not immediately, of course, but don’t overrule this happening. The thing is, he may feel relieved and thankful for your rejection as it confirms the fact that the two of you would have made a bad item. In this sense, you saved him from the bullet of an awkward affair.

You are still his friend even if he doesn’t show you. But if he has someone he feels would be good for you, don’t be shocked if he tries to hook you guys up. “But you were asking me out just a few weeks back,” you may say in protest and he would shrug it off.

“Jude would make a better lover than I would ever dream to,” he would say in response. Or, “Henry is a cool dude and I feel you guys would hit it off.” Or, “Mark just came into town and is feeling lonely. I wouldn’t want him falling into the hands of the wolves in this city. I would go to bed feeling better knowing he is in your care.”

And most of the time, the guy he’s trying to connect you with is a fine man you would come to love if the two of you feel connected in that way.

Finally, if you reject a sigma male and he is really into you, that much, he won’t give up. But he won’t chase you like a paralegal chasing ambulances. He would be creative with this. You should recall that a sigma male is a genius and would accomplish anything he sets his mind on.

He is the kind of man to organize an official event in Cancun just so you can enjoy some sun while he gets the opportunity to talk to you. He is the kind of man to book an entire restaurant just so you can step foot and it is a date with him. He is the kind of man to send a helicopter to pick you up from a traffic jam so he can get to say a couple of words to you.

There are many ways a sigma male would do in response to your rejection but none of them would be what you may have expected from an average man. He is no average man.

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