What Every Real Man Wants From A Relationship

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The average man is said to want great sex, appreciation, respect, and be understood and found attractive in a relationship by his woman. The real man is not an average man. He may want all these but it doesn’t end here. Here are the special things real men want in a relationship.

A lot of space

The average male wants space. The real man wants a lot of space. He is a solitary man. He is a man of thoughts and careful planning. Of course, he appreciates spontaneity now and then, but he would not want to be surprised by your presence every other time.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want your company. It is just that he wouldn’t like you interfering with his thoughts and carefully laid out routine. You may be around a lot of the time and he would be cool if you find a way of not crowding his space.

Independence of thought

The real man is not one in the relationship because he wants a counselor or a therapist. He may discuss his business and feelings with you but he doesn’t want your input. The real man is rather eccentric with his ideas. He believes he understands his problems more than you and he is in the position to handle them. He invented I got this. And most of the time he does.

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Sometimes, he doesn’t even talk about his business. Sometimes, still, when he talks about it and you try to advise him, he may sound dismissive.

Understanding of unspoken communication

The real man wants to be understood just like every other man. But unlike every other man, he wants to be understood not just for what he says but also for what he hasn’t said and may never come around to saying.

You know, the real man is not a man of many words. He is like still water with turbulence on the inside. His mind runs in a sharp flow and if he were to say everything that he thinks about and feels, he would be the most loquacious person you would ever meet. He would be almost a jerk.

So he expects you to understand him because you are his woman. A lot of women have come to the belief that the real man is slow to forgive and could just break up by ghosting you. The point is, he won’t forgive you if you constantly do that he always told you not to do except that he never verbally told you about this. And he would just walk away when he thinks he has had enough just that he may not tell you so.

Understanding in bed

We could have just said great sex but that is for the average man. The sigma man wants you to understand him in bed. He wants you to get the memo that he isn’t always going to give you a marathon or make you come. That is okay. But that is not the full story. The real man may have more times when they are not fired up for sex than when they are.

He is a man of purpose trying to build that powerful app or reposition his website before the next Google algorithm update or get accepted into that fellowship he talked to you about on the first date. He is seriously pursuing something and this ranks far above his desire to be the Godfather in bed. But he doesn’t even have to be that to satisfy you as he already has the advantage of your affection. The real man may still fall short.

He wants to miss you

Absence makes the heart fonder may have now become a cliché but it is still true for the real man. The world is full of real men in long-distance and on-and-off relationships. The latter is not a result of inconsistency. It is because he attaches affection to scarcity.

If you are always in his face, he would soon get bored and begin to draw back. Of course, don’t bring this leg when the real man is madly in love with someone. In fact, being madly in love does a lot to put all the previous points we mention into perspective. But everyone is not someone and when you are not in the madly-in-love-with her rung, it is best you make him miss you as often as possible.

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