See What It Will Cost You To Feed In The Most Expensive Restaurant For A Month

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More than half the population of the world survives on less than two dollars every day. In fact, two dollars is a generous sum. So many, many people on earth survive on less than one dollar a day. It sometimes feels like we are running two worlds on earth. One for the rich and the other for the poor. Many worlds actually because there are the rich and then the absolute rich. Just like the people who eat in Submolition Restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel, in the Ibiza Island of Spain. I think I have read somewhere that one out of every four adults in Spain is without a job now I think I know why – this most expensive restaurant is bankrupting them all.

The way to a man’s heart, they say, is through his belly. It is turning out to be the way to the street – to abject poverty, to destitution. How much is your account balance right now? If I remove 2,173 dollars from your account how much would you have remaining? The odds are high enough that you will have a negative bank balance, more like minus 2,158 dollars and I feel generous.

According to, the Submolition offers a 15-course meal that comes with music, visual stimulation, art, and hi-tech headsets. Is that all? If I spend that amount in a meal it better be in heaven and it can’t be for one day. It is for one day. This meal is not for me.

How much would it cost you to eat in this place for one month? It is an assumption even for the richest people on earth. It would give Warren Buffet for one a heart attack to consider spending 65,190 dollars a month on food. Bill Gates, Slim Helu, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Besoz, Dangote, all of them, think of any billionaire you know, mention their names here and I can tell you they won’t spend this amount in a month on food. They didn’t make this amount spending like sea pirates, they won’t suddenly become that. They have charities to throw money at. So, now that we have established that no one on earth will eat in the Sublimotion, let’s proceed to show what it would cost you to eat there in a month.

Most expensive restaurant: What will it cost you?

65,190. So what can sixty-five thousand, one hundred and ninety dollars do for you?

It will train you in Harvard University and pretty much other Ivy League Universities on earth. With about 45 thousand dollars you can pay your Harvard tuition for a year. This means that one month of meals in the Sublimotion won’t do it for you at Harvard. Well, where is thy faith? You can get to Harvard, become a genius, win a scholarship and you no longer have to worry about tuition. And you don’t have to graduate from Harvard to make it in life. Just attend. I have always said that a week at Harvard is all I need. So yes, if eating for a month in the most expensive restaurant on earth can pay for your one-year tuition, it would

It will cost you the price of a high-performance jet helicopter. Yes, the Mosquito XET Turbine helicopter goes for 55 thousand dollars in the market.

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It will cost you the price of an election in some third world country. Of course, so many elections are won and lost on the bases of money. No, this is not money spent on ads and campaigns. No, we mean outright buying of votes, the electoral body or the courts. We have covered the news of how a politician who finished a distant fourth with only 2 out of 27 local council areas in his name was declared the winner by the supreme court in Nigeria. We are not saying that he bought the judgment. We are just saying that it is possible to buy public offices in many third world countries and 65,190 dollars is more than sufficient to buy this.

One share of Tesla Inc the company by Elon Musk who makes cars most of which he wants to send to heaven. No, to space actually. One share of Tesla is 546.38 dollars. With 61,190 dollars you can buy about 120 Tesla shares. It is projected that this share will hit one thousand dollars in a few years’ time. Which is saying that eating for one month is basically eating more than 120 thousand dollars in a few years’ time.

Eating in Submolition is basically eating your share of the United States as an American. The per capita income in America is 65 thousand dollars plus change, according to WorldAtlast as of February 2020. Still desire to eat in Ibiza exotic restaurant? That’s like eating 9 Indians share of their country.

It will cost you the price of being subscribed to the most prestigious newspaper on earth the New York Times for 333 years. It costs 192 dollars to be subscribed to New York times for a year. By eating in the most expensive restaurant, Sublimotion, for one month, you have squandered a New York Times subscription that would last centuries after you are gone and would be inherited by your children and your children’s children the ones after them and the ones after them.

It costs an average of 180 euros to watch one of the best sports team on earth, Barcelona soccer club play a match. This is about 200 dollars. This will cost you 7400 dollars in one season. By eating in the most expensive restaurant for a month, you have eaten 9 Barcelona CF seasons’ tickets. If you are a fan of the current European champions, Liverpool, at 40 pounds an average ticket, 65,190 will buy you up to 20 seasons ticket.

Image source: Passion for luxury