What The Hell Is Lucky Crush And Should I Play It?

Posted on April 14, 2022Comments Off on What The Hell Is Lucky Crush And Should I Play It?

If you are addicted to candy crush, you would be forgiven for thinking lucky crush is a similar game you can play as a candy crush alternative, so that you can no longer be termed a candy crush addict even though you are addicted to some other crush. It is like saying you don’t like watching the English Premiership which is the most popular soccer league on earth because you are addicted to the Spanish League. But lucky crush is no substitute for candy crush. LuckyCrush is not even a game you play on your phone in which you earn points for swiping and matching objects.

Lucky crush is a game for humans. You log into luckycrush.live, say your gender, and confirm that you are 18 or above. Then they would show you something like this. “Men are randomly paired with women. Women are randomly paired with men.”

They would then show you the number of people online based on their sex – 177 women are online; 304 men are online. The number of men usually nearly doubles the number of women. When you click “start chatting” you would be matched with a man if you are a lady or with a lady if you are otherwise.

I think you may have to wait if your opposite gender is occupied.

What happens when my lucky crush can’t speak English?

No hay problema. There is an instant translating software that renders his or her Greek to your English and your English to your Greek. From my experience with voiced translators, the other person must be very good phonetically to really get the right words across.

It is not rare for the translator to tell the person, “cross my hat, I am a vegetable” when you actually mean to say, “Cross my heart, I am a virgin.”

How ridiculously easy are your passwords?

There is a “next” button in case she doesn’t like you. She will click next and be shown a handsomer chap. Don’t take it personal.

Should I play lucky crush?

I expect you to hiss and go on to other things knowing that lucky crush doesn’t have to do with swiping or crushing objects on your screen. But if you feel the need to ask the question, I will remind you that I am not qualified to answer the question. But if you press me for an answer, I will say honestly, I don’t see why you should.

What are you going to be discussing with a complete stranger? Maybe you are lonely and just want to talk to someone. Maybe you feel rejected by your known friends. If this is the case, you may be too fragile to take it well if the random person doesn’t fancy you and clicks “next”.

I just have the suspicion that there are a group of lucky crush users, no matter how in the minority they are, but they are still there, who think the game is an adult one in the secondary meaning of adult, and would come expecting some form of obscenity from you. You may now accuse me of rambling, the truth is that I won’t be advising you to play the game if you are a sensitive person.

Image source: FEELguide