Hulu Error 301: How To Fix/Clear It

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Hulu is a subscription visual demand service from the United States of America and serving a large portion of the world. Created in 2007 by News Corporation and NBC Universal, Hulu has passed through the hands of many corporations before been largely owned by Disney today.

Hulu streams programs and movies of NBC, ABC, and Fox, then A&E, Big Ten Network, Bravo, E!, Fox Sports 2, FX, PBS, NFL Network, Oxygen, RT America, Fox Sports 1, SundanceTV, Syfy, USA Network, NBCSN, and online comedy outfit Onion News Network. Hulu earns between thirty and fifty percent of the advertising revenue generated by the shows they distribute on their platform.

Enough of side talks, this post is about Hulu error 301 and how to clear it. We can as well go straight to it.

No internet service is without blemish so it is normal to see Hulu error 301 now and again. Hulu error 301 is usually a playback failure message. In some cases, Hulu provides you with a slip-up code in some cases which will assist you to determine the matter. When it doesn’t, you shouldn’t surrender to helplessness. You can help yourself, you can start out with the fundamentals, like checking the speed of your internet.

Check the speed of your internet

You know how frustrating a slow internet connection can be. It may be the reason Hulu error 301 is coming between you and your streaming. Hulu might stutter and lower the speed of video if your internet connection is slow as regular Hulu video requires at 3.0 Mbps for delayed shows and 8.0 Mbps on Live TV.

So check the internet first. Take the internet speed test if you are doubtful about your internet connection speed. There are a lot of tools that can check the speed of your internet including,,,, etc.

Check Router Settings

I. If you have already set the advanced feature that prioritizes different types of traffic, then try connecting the Hulu device first.

II. Try to change the domain name server (DNS) settings of your route. You can get your guide on how to change the DNS on the internet.

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Reboot Your Device and Devices for Networking:

I. Switch off and disconnect your streaming device and network equipment completely.

II. Leave your devices on for about a minute.

III. Reconnect the device, switch it on, and check if a playback error persists in Hulu.

Disconnect Unwanted Devices to Fix Hulu Error Code 301

I. Try disconnecting unnecessary devices and network devices such as smartphones, game equipment or other computers connected to your network.

II. Secure your network with a strong password to ensure that no unwanted devices around you are connected without your consent.

III. There are many advanced features in the market to prioritize the signal traffic on your streaming video. You can buy one of them.

Switch to a Wired Connection to Fix Hulu Error Code 301

I. Connect your streaming device to an Ethernet cable or a router.

II. Wireless network while using Hulu might create an issue sometimes. So try switching to the wired connection and move your device closer to the router.

If everything doesn’t work, you should consider uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. If you are watching it on the web, you can close the browser and reopen it. Or move to another browser. You can go as far as restarting the system.

Good luck.

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