33 Innocent Freaky Texts To Send To A Married Woman

Posted on March 30, 2022Comments Off on 33 Innocent Freaky Texts To Send To A Married Woman

If you have ever crushed on a married woman, you are terrible but you are not alone. Marriage is sacred and the bounds should be respected but the devil in you only wants things that are not his, things that he cannot reach. To humor you, and to humor your uncanny desires, here are 33 innocent freaky texts to send to that married woman who has no clue about your intentions – to give her clues while standing firmly on the corridor of innocence, in case you have to deny things, in case her husband is an ex-Navy SEAL with a temper.

Freaky married woman texts

I passed by your house and I thought it would be inappropriate to drop by and say hi, seeing you are no longer on the shelf but you are in my way.

Sometimes, I wish I met you in 2016 (choose a year before her marriage).

I bought you a bunch of bananas you would love.

That concentration scowl of yours can melt many hearts. Thankfully, mine is made of rock.

Awake? (at 11.23 pm)

Can’t sleep. Why do I feel you are awake? (at 1.12 am – it helps if you are sure she’s online)

Hope you have tucked your kids into bed, spread the sheet over them, and kissed their foreheads. Why do I feel you are so good with the bed rituals?

Can I sub your Netflix?

(After you did the above, text:) Time to chill?

It was a terrible day for me. I hate everyone – except you, of course.

Freaky texts for your sugar daddy

Seeing your text pop up makes me smile, broader than I would like to.

Today sucked. Maybe a voice note from you would make it better.

Now that I’ve officially texted you, I’m going to be staring at my phone, anxiously waiting for it to beep.

I heard that married couples gossip a lot. Somehow, I suspect you won’t gossip about me.

Can you keep a secret? (If she says yes, then:)

Let’s trade secrets. You first.

Black is the color of a dress I have never seen you in. (The idea is for her to send you an image of her in black – this is a super encouragement)

You are not looking particularly hot right now. Even at that, you are still beautiful. What’s on your mind?

Tell me all about your day. Don’t leave out any boring detail.

Can I hear your tired voice? 15 seconds of voice note won’t hurt.

Sometimes, I feel like a loser. What is your last name again?

If I earn a dollar every time I think of you, I would only have two dollars (a follow-up text when she shows her curiosity is: One dollar for now and the second for tomorrow).

Is your sister/best friend single? I can’t lose totally.

I usually don’t text next when I sent the last message. But there’s something unusual (pleasantly unusual) about you – perhaps, it is your sense of humor/smile/pretty face/wisdom/friendship.

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