80+ Freaky Quotes to Send to Your Girlfriend

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Flirting is important but flirting with the one you love is importanter. Men seem to have a problem keeping to one woman because they find chasing more fun than keeping. Actually, they make chasing funner than keeping. But it doesn’t have to be so. Your relationship doesn’t have to be like a dry leaf, get steamy, get it wet. This freaky girlfriend quotes collection is one way you can start.

Freaky girlfriend quotes/texts

I will whisper in your ear to reach orgasm while you dig those sexy nails into my back!

I bake you some dessert, so you can eat it while I eat you.

A ruthless queen in public, a charming princess in private.

Tonight is going to be about pleasure and pain.

I want to feel your scent, taste, and skin tonight and each night we are together.

You’re in my heart, my soul, and all of my thoughts.

I’m so horny thinking about seeing you later.

I want to hear you breathing in my ear when I make you reach orgasm.

You’re the only woman I’ll never get tired of loving.

Freaky Quotes to Send to Your Crush

I just can’t stop thinking about the last night.

You are just good with your hands.

I tidied up the bedroom, but I don’t mind if you mess up the sheets with me.

You’re the embodiment of sexuality and sensuality.

I want you. Now!

Butterflies in the stomach? I don’t feel them because when you kiss me, I feel the whole zoo in my body.

Forget love notes; your bite marks are the only letters I want.

Made you all wet, though… I just want to nail you against the wall as soon as you come home!

If thinking about you is a full-time job I will still work overtime.

I’m going to go down on you, and I won’t even let you think about returning the favor.

All I need is a hug and our bed.

If you were here right now, I would rip your clothes off and throw you onto my bed and have my way with you.

Do you care if my tongue is between your legs when you wake up in the morning?

No words! Does that make me a bad man? I know what you want, but I want you to beg me for it.

I love everything about you, but your wild side is my favorite.

But you’re not, so… rain-check?

The way you look at me, the way you touch me, the way you tease me drives me crazy.

I miss having you around me.

Hey, wild thing…. I was just thinking about you… and all my blood traveled south.

You love me unconditionally, and that’s the sexiest thing I can imagine.

You are definitely the hottest girl in this part of the universe!

Freaky quotes to send to your Ex

You’re so hot, you should have been born with a warning label.

When we’re together, all I want is your body on mine.

I wanna do bad things with you.

Good girls always go to heaven, but bad girls have more fun.

You would not believe what I dreamt last night! I was a fireman… and you were on fire… luckily I saved you with my firehose.

Not sure about the rest of the universe though, I haven’t checked there yet.

I don’t have to stay in shape because I’ve reached my perfect shape with you.

I was thinking about you in the bed this morning and saying your name till I hit the big O!

Are you alone tonight? Want to play a hot game?

Every queen wants a king, but don’t get it twisted—I can run the castle by myself. Sexy isn’t a shape—it’s an attitude.

You’re my downfall, my muse, my worst distraction, my rhythm, and blues.

I bought you a new vibrator, so I can thrust and play with your softness at the same time.

Do you know that I spend my day thinking about you and my night dreaming about you?

Your mind is just as sexy as your tight little body. I can’t decide what part of your body is more delicious.

Actually, let’s leave it up to me… I had the wildest dream last night… it was about you. I just thought of a new position that I desperately want to try with you.

Give me another taste. I bought some handcuffs and a blindfold. Should I put them on you or me?

Your butt’s pretty nice too.

So many options… which would you choose? The car? The couch? The floor? Kitchen table? Somewhere public? Tonight I’m going to take it slow and savor every curve on your sweet body.

Do you want to have sex in bed or in the bath I just made you?

You are sooo much more than sex to me… even still… with each amazing episode, it just gets better and better.

You weren’t given lips like that for anything.

See what your girl is texting her sugar daddy

I was thinking of buying some soft rope…should I get enough for your wrists and ankles or just your wrists?

One kiss burns six calories. We should work out together.

Tonight you’re not allowed to reach orgasm until I say so.

Sharing my bed with you is a true miracle. You share all of the joys in life with me.

The best way to start my day is with our lips pressed together.

You’re beautiful, sexy, and intelligent.

I love everything about you. The only thing, which bothers me, is your clothes. Take it off.

Your lips got me addicted to sweets. Sex with you is like gold—you can never have enough.

I want to kiss every inch of your body. Sometimes be gentle, sometimes be rough.

They told me to “do what I love,” and I love you.

I dream about you every night, it’s a nightmare when you’re not in my bed.

All I can think about is tasting you again and again and again…

Your heart is going to pulse with complete pleasure tonight.

Break my bed, not my heart.

With all your jokes, sarcasm, smiles, flaws, and mistakes, I want all of you.

Chocolate and sex both release endorphins, but I’m not big on candy.

I miss you smothering me with pleasure.

With you, I saw the world in shades of color, and only you have made me fall in love.

You’re not going to be able to move after I’m finished with you tonight.

Get into high heels, put on some red lipstick, and let’s put them to good use?

Why wake up with coffee when I can wake up with you?

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