My Friends Are Driving Me Crazy On Facebook. Here’s What To Do

Posted on April 7, 2022Comments Off on My Friends Are Driving Me Crazy On Facebook. Here’s What To Do

If your friends on Facebook drive you crazy, you are not alone. They share banal jokes, they insist 5G is the cause of the novel coronavirus and the beginning of One World Order, they won’t just stop posting every ten seconds as they have an opinion or two or three on everything going on on earth. And they just appear to be very happy all the time, but you can see through their fake happiness and it drives you crazier.

There is just no way of compiling all the things that piss you off with your friends on Facebook. If someone owes me money, for instance, they better not post anything related to freedom on their timeline. How can you boldly wish yourself a happy birthday when you have made me poorer and taken from my sticks of happiness?

My friends on Facebook annoy me

Here is what to do about your friends on Facebook.

Prioritize who and what you see first

You can prioritize the people and pages you love most thereby drowning the voices of the people who drive you crazy without having to deal with them individually. Go to News Feed on the top left hand of your feed, click on the … and select the people and pages you are most interested in seeing on your timeline.

This is not to say that you will never see posts from your unexciting friends but they would be very limited. And this time around, it would be easier to catch that friend whose posts cannot stop coming up and unfollow them.

Snooze them

Snooze, like your alarm buys you time. Unlike your alarm, snooze buys you more than ten minutes. When you snooze a friend or page, you won’t be able to see whatever the heck they are up to for the next thirty days. You may want to snooze them for a longer period of time just as Whatsapp allows you to mute contacts for as long as 1 year. But no worries, at the end of the 30 days, Facebook will automatically restrict their posts. If they don’t you can snooze them again or unfollow.

To snooze someone, go to the top right corner of that post of theirs that just annoyed you and click on the … You will see Save Post, Hide Post, and Snooze Donald Trump for 30 days.

Unfollow them

There are many ways to unfollow someone. One, you can go through their post that offended you. On the top right corner of the post, click on the … You will see Save Post, Hide Post, Snooze Graham Lindsey for 30 days, and unfollow Graham Lindsey, etc. Unfollow them.

Another way to unfollow is to click the person in question. In the bottom left of their cover image, you would see Friends, Following, Message. Click the arrow key against Following and you would see See First, Default, and Unfollow Mitch McConnell. Unfollow him.

If any of unfollowing and snoozing doesn’t do it for you, then you will have to unfriend them. Or you may want to take it a step further and block them. Your call.

Or, you may just leave Facebook. I once left Facebook for two years. You too can.

Image source: Reuters