Quotes About Empty Wallet That May Explain Your Poverty

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Calling this post “Empty Wallet” doesn’t tell the full story. There are quotes about value, about the worth of time, about planning, the importance of wealth, and the emptiness that comes in having only money. This post may explain why you are always so broke or not. It all depends on what you see. As an aside, why do people spew a lot of philosophical jargon when it comes to money. Poverty and philosophy may be much closer cousins than we first envisioned Let’s do this.

Empty Wallets Quotes

“And so ends another week without me getting rich unexpectedly.” — Anonymous

“I’d like to live like a poor man – only with lots of money.” — Pablo Piccaso

“Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.” – Erich Fromm

“I looked into my wallet and it was empty, I looked through all my pockets and they were all empty. Then I looked into my heart and I found you, and only then I figured out how rich I was. ” — Anonymous

“Dogs have no money. Isn’t that amazing? They’re broke their entire lives. But they get through. You know why dogs have no money? .. No Pockets.” – Jerry Seinfeld

“They say that love is more important than money, but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug? ” — Anonymous

“Christmas is a competition between who gives up first: Your feet or your wallet.” — Anonymous

“My wallet is like an onion, opening it makes me cry.” — Anonymous

” You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” –  Jim Rohn

What do companies mean when they say satisfaction guaranteed?

“Divorce is expensive. I used to joke they were going to call it ‘all the money,’ but they changed it to ‘alimony.’ It’s ripping your heart out through your wallet.” — Robin Williams

“The way to a woman’s heart is through your wallet. Frank Dane.” — Anonymous

“Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks–it says, ‘Goodbye.’ ” – Frank Sinatra

“If you want to know what a man is really like, take notice of how he acts when he loses money.” – Simone Weil

“It’s easier to feel a little more spiritual with a couple of bucks in your pocket.”― Craig Ferguson

“Money grows on the tree of persistence.” — Japanese Proverb

It’s hard to dance if you just lost your wallet. Whoa! Where’s my wallet? But, hey this song is funky…” — Mitch Hedberg

“Some people see Black Friday as a much-needed break for their wallet. I see it as retail outlets showing the customers the full weight of their contempt. The frenzy to buy cheap crap from China, the human downgrade of people fighting with each other over items they can probably live without, to me, is an insult.” — Henry Rollins

“Soon and every day, I send peace and blessing upon His Prophets Empty my mind like banks empty my pockets.” — Boonaa Mohammed

“Every day is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.” — Christopher Rice

“Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” — Paul Samuelson

“The trick is to stop thinking of it as ‘your’ money.” – IRS auditor

“I am one step away from being rich, all I need now is money.” — Anonymous

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” – Will Smith

“Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self.” — Nathan W. Morris

“The Stock Market is designed to transfer money from the Active to the Patient.” – Warren Buffett

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