Dirty Screen: How To Clean A Laptop Screen in 13 Steps

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I have now given up on trying to find the reason why my laptop screen gets dirty. I understand my car, windows, and clothes getting dirty. I believe there is an explanation or two or more as to why my laptop screen gets dirty but I am not about to spend precious time chasing the answer behind the dirty screen. Finding the cause(s) of a dirty laptop will require you to learn the ways to prevent it.

And you may not be able to win the battle of prevention. The easiest thing would be to learn to clean dirty laptop screens.

In the earlier stages of computing, laptop screens were soft jellies. I once left a crack of ink on my laptop screen just by placing too much strength on my thumb while lifting the lip of the laptop. That was the beginning of the end of that laptop.

Today, laptop screens are made tougher and expected to be handled as we have touch screen laptops today. So you don’t have to let the fear of upsetting your laptop screen stop you from cleaning it from time to time. Laptop screens are no longer made of eggshells.

Dirty Screen: How to clean laptop screens

Step 1: Shut down your laptop

This is for your own good. Again, a blank screen will show you the dirt and dust on the screen more than a live screen. More than switching off your laptop, unplug it from the power. I have seen some advice that you remove the battery. What have you to lose if you can remove the battery – remove it.

Step 2: Open the windows

Electric light may not be able to show you all the pecks of dirt on your screen. You will need to use daylight. If you can take your laptop outside to the balcony or work under the shade in your backyard, do that.

Step 3: Get a new household sponge or a microfiber cloth

The stress is on “new”. Don’t use a sponge you have used before on your laptop screen. Also, don’t use paper or tissue. A piece of microfiber clothing is popular among people who own glasses and cameras as this is the go-to material for cleaning their lenses.

Always make sure it is a lint-free piece so as to avoid leaving particles from the cleaner on the screen. It is also good to make sure that the cleaner can absorb dirt. You will be working in circles if you get a cleaner that only pushes the dirt around.

Step 4: Don’t use ordinary water

Use distilled, deionized, or filtered water. The reason why normal tap water would not work is because it may contain mineral elements that may be harmful to your laptop screen.

Step 5: Never squirt any liquid directly on your laptop screen

This is a no, no. Let your sponge or cloth cleaner be the connector between your dirty screen and the water. This will eliminate any chances of water getting into your monitor.

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Step 6: Avoid the following 

According to DigitalTrends.com, avoid the following

Acetone, Ammonia, Ethyl acid, Ethyl alcohol, Methyl alcohol, Methyl chloride, Surface cleaners, Toluene, Window cleaners, and All types of corrosive substances.

Step 7: Wet the sponge and wring

You are wringing this in order to avoid drips from the laptop which might fall on your keyboard or create splashes of water on your screen as you work.

Step 8: Wipe in one direction

This is to say don’t wipe in circles or in triangles or zigzags. Write gently in one direction. Wiping in circles/zigzags may only take the dirt around. Gentle is the keyword. Avoid scrubbing.

Step 9: Watch and clean

As you clean, watch the progress. Cleaning your dirty laptop once might not be enough to remove the debris. You may have to clean more than thrice. There is no designed number of cleanings that would work. Once you see your laptop screen shining bright, it is done.

Step 10: Wait

After cleaning the display screen of your laptop, wait for it to dry off on its own. Don’t rush to close the lid or power it and resume working.

Step 11: Cover your keyboard

While you work, be aware of your keyboard and try not to expose it to the fluid that you work with. Your keyboard can also be extremely dirty. We will do a post on how to clean the keyboard.

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