How To Date A Sigma Male: 12 Things You Should Know.

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The Sigma Male character is usually viewed for its sexual/relationship personality. We have constantly pointed out the error of this perception as the Sigma Male character is seen in business, in politics, in academia, etc. Its sexual aspect is overblown because relationship is a big market, nothing more.

And owing to this fact, there are a lot of things posted on the internet about the Sigma Male that ranges from the erroneous, the false, and the ridiculous. Hopefully, we are going to set a lot of facts straight with this post.

So here are 12 things you should know about dating a Sigma Male dude.

One, he’s not hot on social activities.

If you are a social animal and looking to your sigma male partner to be your number 2 at every party in town, you are mistaken. He is not wired that way. He is not a social being in that manner. In fact, the sigma male can pass for an anti-social except that he makes a good party when he chooses to and this erases his many letdowns.

To manage this, minimize involving him in all your social activities. He is not a possessive lover so there’s no risk of attracting his jealousy should you choose to hang out with others. When you need him at any social event, be prepared to inform him well before time and he would turn up and kill the show.

Two, he doesn’t give a damn about what society thinks.

If you want your man to become more sociable, resist the temptation of telling him he has to do so and so because everyone does it or because it is a cool trend. He doesn’t care about what society or his or your peer thinks.

Let him do things because they would make you or him or both of you happy and because he is comfortable doing them.

Three, he may flirt with other girls.

Because he is brilliant to a genius level and charismatic, he would be a magnetic force for women and a lot of them would want a piece of him. Occasionally, he would flirt with one or two of them, nothing more. This is not a game to him, just a way to pass them and because as a human being with the power to attract a lot of women, the odds are against him to push back successfully against each one of them.

Because he is a committed person, your sigma lover would not keep another relationship – you are his only girl but you may not be the only one he chats with late at night. You have a lot of work here. You have to make him see that it hurts you that he flirts with other girls and that most girls may take him seriously and complicate things for you guys.

He is a smart guy and would understand this. But whether he would entirely stop depends on how much of a soulmate you become.

Four, the sigma male lover may be selfish in bed.

If sex is a big deal for you in a relationship, the sigma male lover may not be for you. This guy is wired to be individualistic and a freethinker. He brings this to bed. He sees lovemaking as pleasure but not in a team aspect.

So he comes to bed thinking only about his own satisfaction. It is not unusual for a sigma male chap to go straight to the game without foreplay. He is in the mood and wants it and may not consider your sexual needs.

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You need to teach him that his lone wolf character would not work well for lovemaking. If you can get him to put his genius mind into a cooperative coupling, you would have in your hands an amazing lover.

Five, your company can become boring.

It is easy to smother the sigma male with your presence. He is a loner and enjoys long periods of time alone. You should allow him his me-time, his his-time, to say. Read the room and know when to take your leave.

Six, he can easily adapt to your growth and development.

If you are a career woman, this is the man you need to keep. The sigma guy is a flexible girl and would adjust as you climb the corporate or academic ladder and become too busy or less spontaneous with activities that involve you too.

He won’t make a lot of fuss should you cancel on him. And because he is not a tribal person, he would move to any city, state, or country with you and not miss the old place too much. He is self-reliant and he knows that it is in him to make his own happiness.

Seven, he is not a strong candidate for a lasting relationship.

The sigma male is a lone wolf for a reason. He loves to do things his own way, alone. A relationship is about two people which is why it is called a union. You talk together, you plan together, you travel together, you sleep together, etc. You are practically his second and this can threaten his individualistic nature and may see him subconsciously push back in order to regain his independence.

So, sometimes, you end up losing your man because he sees you as an impediment to his freedom. You may need to make him understand that you are in his life to improve his being towards a happier outcome for the two of you.

And you may have to let him be his own person and act on his own now and then until he grows to see you and him as an item.

Eight, he would never raise his voice at you.

He is a cool-headed man and would hardly become aggressive when he is offended. He is slow to passion and thus slow to be agitated. He is also not abusive. But this can be a problem if you fail to see when he is hurt and push to make amends.

Nine, the sigma male is not going to talk about everything he feels.

This one is a red flag for women who prioritize verbal communications. Generally, men are slow at expressing their many feelings through the word of mouth. For the sigma male, this is even worse. He is fiercely independent and a walking piece of brilliant male. He got this.

He believes he is on top of the situation. And when you hurt him, he would rather rationalize and overthink it than open up to you.

To enjoy great communications between yourself and your sigma man, you need to make him understand that talking to you about how he feels would help strengthen the relationship and that he could trust you to understand and not judge or bicker.

He would learn to talk to you more. But if he doesn’t love you or trust you enough, he still won’t.

Ten, he is slow to forgive.

Your sigma male lover is not overly jealous nor possessive but because he is too introverted to the point of suppressing offenses, he may find it hard to forgive you. No, this is not to say he is a bad person at heart; it is because forgiveness is a process. You feel hurt, you confront the hurt, you understand it, and you let go.

The sigma male lover usually gets stuck in confronting the hurt. He may analyze and overanalyze rather than confront you with the offense. So the hurt until to simmer in his heart. To handle this, study your man enough and get him to talk about the things that piss him, generally. With this, you can tell the things he may or may not like and try not to do them.

But you are not superhuman and would offend him now and again which is where your ability to get him to communicate becomes useful.

Eleven, you may have lost him and never know.

Because a sigma male is slow in talking about how he feels and slow in forgiving, you may lose him and not know about it. He may be done with you and not let you know. This is not him being deliberately cruel. This is, first of all, a result of his taciturn nature and second, it emanates from the fact that he overthinks things.

He may have basically come to the conclusion that he is no longer interested in you without actually coming to that conclusion. To him, he is in the process of making that decision but his heart has already made the decision to move on.

This needs us to the final point:

His breakup with you can be sudden.

Most men let signs slip that they are about to move on long before they break up with you: His replies are shorter and noncommittal; his replies take longer; he becomes busier and talks less, etc. A sigma male is a committed individual and has wired himself to act mechanically when he chooses to. Thus, he can move on while still not showing any signs of a faltering union.

So, when he finally decides to tell you it is over, it comes off as out of the blue and completely breaks your heart. This is why you need to strive to totally win your sigma man’s heart enough for him to be vulnerable with you and more expressive.

There are a lot more facts about the sigma male lover and because no two males are the same, it is possible for a few of the facts here to be alien to your own sigma male. Genetic, environmental, and experience factors could serve to deaden or accentuate any of the points above.

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