How To Clean Your Dirty Phone Screen in 300 Words

Posted on March 20, 2022Comments Off on How To Clean Your Dirty Phone Screen in 300 Words

A few days back, we wrote about taking care of your dirty laptop screen. There is even something you used closer to your person than your laptop, your phone. And it is not because we are living in the era of Coronavirus that you should be afraid of the potential germs, allergies, bacteria, chemicals, pollen, and all sort of airborne pollutants and residues that somehow found their ways to your phone screen. Thankfully taking care of your dirty phone screen is easy.

How to clean your dirty phone screen

Clean immediately

According to, you should immediately clean your phone as soon as it comes into contact with stains such as ink, dyes, makeup, dirt, food, oils and lotions. This should not be delayed as they have the power to damage the phone.

Use disinfectant wipes

You should use an alcohol-based disinfectant wipe. The recommendation is that you avoid bleaching. To wipe away smudges, use only a soft, lint-free cloth, like microfiber. Note that you should avoid using abrasive materials, such as rough cloths, towels, and paper towels by all means. Using any of this could scratch your screen and, and more than that, it could damage the thin oil-repelling coating on your screen.

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Turn the phone off

To clean your dirty phone screen, take the phone case off and turn the darn thing off. This is not to say that a phone screen cannot be cleaned with the phone on but you need to allow it to dry before you use it. Leaving it on is not the best way to achieve this as you may have a distracting notification or phone call.

Be careful with the ports

Ensure that the cleaning fluid does not get into the USB and speaker port. There is also the speaker to think about, so ensure that you do not get it wet.

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