Viral Pay is rated poor

The internet is full of get-rich-quick schemes. Shady people know this and are prepared to fleece you. They come out with bogus words and pseudo-copywriting claims. For instance, when it came out, Viral Pay claimed to be the revolution of earning money from home. With hundreds of millions of people […]

Richard Branson as a person whose personal background helped made a billionaire

On his last day in school, the investor and founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson’s headmaster told him he would end up in prison or become a billionaire. He became a billionaire. But he could have ended up in prison. As a boy, he walked, guarded by his background and […]

John Stuart Mill is a great philosopher on lying

Lying is variously defined. One word that maintains a broad consensus in the definitions of lying is “deception”. Other words that usually accompany this are words that are synonymous with “deliberateness”. In essence, lying can be described as a statement that is told with the intention to deceive the hearer(s). […]