You Are As Broke As The People You Sleep With: Showing Practical Scenarios

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The cause of your financial downturn lies in your penis or vagina. This not a metaphorical statement. Reach down below your belt and feel it, in the flesh and blood there lies the cause of your financial struggles. You have been sleeping with broke people.

The Law of Income states that “you will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the market place.” I am not disputing this as a fact which brings you to ask, how does this, for instance (and there are many instances), relate to the person I sleep with? It is easy – money relates with and is attracted to your energy. Stuart Wilde puts it this way: “The key to success is to raise your own energy; when you do, people will naturally be attracted to you. And when they do, bill ‘em!”

There are many things that can trigger and inspire your energies. But one of the few ways to maintain your energy level is to by being in the right atmosphere, an atmosphere that supports positive thoughts, positive disposition, and the confidence to pursue money. Poverty is usually caused by being in the wrong atmosphere for a long time which might manifest as lack of opportunity, ill-luck, lack of support system, inadequate education or skillsets, etc. So when you go to bed with someone in the lower cadre of the atmospheric bar, you inherit some of their failures.

Sex is not just called “intercourse” for want of a better term. Sex is intercourse; it is an exchange of saliva, sweat, semen, emotions, and courses. Sex is a spiritual encounter. When you sleep with someone you leave a little demon of yours in them. Your impatience, anger, recklessness, aggression, unfaithfulness, unreliability, inconsistencies, foulness, criminal tendencies, and dark forces are deposited a little in the person you sleep with. The more you sleep with them, the more they bewitch you with their ills in exchange for yours.

Take a look at the following sex scenario with a poor person.

Questions to ask before you shut down your ailing business

The broke people you sleep with: Scenario 1

You just finished having hot sex with a girl. You two lay side by side in bed, trying to catch your breath. She says, “You are a great lover.”

“You bring out the tiger in me,” you reply. A pause. “I am thirsty,” she says. “Heck, I am hungry too.”

“There is food in the fridge.”

“Do you have chicken?”

“I don’t have.”

Silence. “I have rice,” you offer.

“I will eat later.” She shuts her eyes and begins the first lap of what can pass for sleep. Her phone rings. She looks at it. “It is my landlady. I promise to give her the remainder of her rent yesterday.”

I don’t have enough money, I could have helped this girl. You didn’t say this one aloud but it has left your consciousness. When it is time for the second round, you feel inadequate, like you don’t deserve this pussy, like you have not invested enough in her life and wellbeing to have more than what you have had. It diminishes you.

Of course, this is not the daily routine of your relationship with this lady. But if you continually have encounters with her, one day, the conversation would go in this direction. If she is broke, if she has money worries, no matter how self-conscious she is with her things and reluctant to let you into her problems, one day it will slip out, one by one, and the culmination of her worries will add to your worries and rub off on your energy and weaken your drive to pursue money.

If you have one broke lover, you are in trouble. If you have two, you are finished. If you have three, you are completely finished. In the peak of my indiscretion, I had four lovers. I was more than completely finished. There is no how all of these lovers will not rub off on you. It is impossible. They did me, I suffered.

Scenario 2

You just finished making out with your man. You lie in the bed while he goes into the kitchen to fix something for you guys to eat. You feel bored. You reach for the TV remote.

“Babe, do you have subscription?”

“No,” he says.

You suppress a sigh and resign to not catching a repeat episode of keeping up with the Kardashians.

When your man is done with the kitchen, he serves you the food in bed. Romantic, yes, but that is where it ends. It is noodles, served with fried egg and onions. No green beans, no sliced carrots, and no wine to wash it down. No, no, no. Because you are a supportive girlfriend, you swallow the desire on your long throat and say nothing. But it is there in the environment. What? Poverty. The presence of lack and “I don’t have”.

If you sleep with him many times, if you spend quality time with him regularly, you will get used to staying around people who live in a situation of lack, you will get used to being comfortable with lack. As a lady, you don’t need to have so many broke lovers to be completely finished. An average woman is submissive to the will of the man that is why the traditional sexual position is the man on the top, the man in a dominant position. The more you love the man, the more easily you will lower your guard and slowly and surely (as they say) you will be infected with his poverty.

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