How To Attract And Maintain Relationships With Sigma Males

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The sigma male is the most sought male archetype in heterosexual relationships. He has the charms and charisma of the alpha male without the conceit and cutthroat tactics of the alpha male. This post would be divided into two. First, how to attract sigma males; two, how to maintain a relationship with him.

How to attract a sigma male

To attract a sigma male, you need to come to the table with something tangle. Having a hot body and good looks won’t be enough for him. This is because the sigma male is not vain nor is he one to have any point to prove to his peers or tribe. We want hot women in order to brag.

So, for someone who is uninterested in bragging, better come to the table with something more tangle than the abstracts of shapes and looks. A graphic designer would rate higher than a Tiktok dancer in the eyes of a sigma male.

Also, you need to prove your independence. The sigma male cherishes his freedom and one sure turnoff is to meet him appearing like you are needy. Give vibes that suggest you are sufficiently happy on your own. He is a loner. If he senses that you need him to be happy, he would reject you for fear of you being a burden to his alone times.

Sigma male traits women are dying to see in you

He is not stingy but one who wouldn’t want to be put in a situation where he would have to be called upon to foot your bills. In as much as you come to him not needy of his time, his resources, too, are off-limit. You see, the sigma male is not one to win the affection of a woman with resources. So if you are one who expects a man to take care of you, the sigma male is not for you.

Another way to attract a sigma male is to be a woman of little words while being fun to be with. If you talk too much, it means you would need him to listen to you most of the time. He would be bored.

The sigma man is a man of few words because he believes in substance over quantity. He says too little and makes mega sense. So no, opposites do not attract. Just as he values more sense, he would recognize it and value it.

Give him meaningful gifts. A sigma male is not one you should put in the same box as most men. Video games and other manly gadgets won’t impress him.

He is more of a nerd. Buying him a subscription to a course online or gifting him a book would mean more to him. Get to know his interest, research it and give him gifts that would improve him in his niche.

How to keep a sigma male lover

Once you have won the attention of a sigma male, you need to keep him. Here are a couple of things you need to do to keep a sigma male.

One, give him enough space. Don’t smother him with your presence. Visit him sparingly and make it the habit of calling before you show up. He is easily bored and he loves his freedom. Try not to put him in a situation where he has to choose you over his freedom.

Two, minimize social activities with you. You can have your social activities how much you need but if you try to force him into all these, you run the risk of stressing him.

Learn communication skills with which to get him to open up more to you. He is an over-analyzer and may not confront you as soon as you offend him or ever. This hurt may simmer and become a source of complication later on. Also, you may continually do things he doesn’t like but he may not open up to you.

Be willing to teach him a lot. For instance, his individualistic nature may lead him to see lovemaking as about deriving pleasure for himself. He may not understand the need for teamwork for maximum satisfaction nor the need to spend a considerable amount of time doing something that could be done in the minutest of time.

Above all, be yourself. A sigma male can see through the façade of acts. If you are being someone else just to gain his attention or remain his bae, he would know. He is too much of a genius to be fooled. And it is easy for him to consider you as being fake.

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