Apple Charger: Five Long-Held Myths Debunked

Posted on March 22, 2022Comments Off on Apple Charger: Five Long-Held Myths Debunked

Apple is on the topmost rung of smartphone manufacturing on the planet. When they say that class is permanent, they must have had Apple in mind. Of course, there must have been times that an Apple product or two drove you crazy but it is okay, no product or its components is/are perfect. Mo so, the Apple charger, so costly and yet so easy to misbehave. If you have been using Apple chargers long enough, you must have experienced issues with your Apple charger. If You have, you must have also heard a lot about Apple chargers. All the things you heard are not true. In fact, treat everything you hear about the Apple charger as a myth until proven true.

Here are five myths selected and debunked.

1. Don’t charge your iPhone overnight

This is not solely a myth related to the iPhone. Every smartphone owner has heard this before – don’t charge your phone overnight. Since you are addicted to your phone you would love to use it all day and only charge it when you are asleep at. But you have heard discouraging things. They say things like if your phone gets fully charged and you don’t stop it it would do a series of things including weakening your battery. But it is not true. Once your phone gets to 100% battery, it would stop charging.

That is why it is called a smartphone.

2. Using a non-Apple charger will damage your phone

It is not true. What is true is that iPhone-made chargers are very expensive. When you lose the charger that comes with your iPhone product, you may pay through the nose to get a new one and the problem is, it may not be compatible with your phone. It may not work. You can use any made-for iPhone non-Apple chargers and it will be good for your phone and it won’t cost a fortune.

Note that some cheap companies can make Apple chargers that can damage your phone. So, to be on the side of safety, only get non-Apple Apple chargers from known and trusted companies. When the company is not known, don’t use it without a recommendation from a trusted person.

3. Don’t use your iPhone while charging it

According to this site, charging your phone consumes between 0.006 to 0.014 units or kWh of energy. This power is too small to cause any sort of damage to you. Electric shocks are measured in millijoules. I millijoule can shock you, but it takes between 10 to 30 mJ to make you flinch, and up to a whopping 1,350 mJ to kill you. It would take up to 2.78 KWh to generate one millijoule. You can now see that 0.014 kWh is insignificant even to shock you.

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Except you are using a terribly bad charger which is so mal-functional that it is now a link between your phone and disaster, you shouldn’t worry about using your iPhone when charging it with a normal charger.

4. You can use an iPhone 6 charger on another product

Or vice versa. It is not true. You can use any type of charger to charge any type of iPhone. It may not work but this is not because one product’s charger can’t charge the other. It is because an Apple charger is not a universal charger even among Apple products; it is just about what fits. So if your mom’s iPad can charge your iPhone 8, use it.

5. You should never switch off your iPhone

This one is not just related only to the aspect of charging. This is a general myth that you would not have to ever switch off your iPhone in the sense that an iPhone doesn’t need to rest.  The truth is that switching off your apple product from time to time has been shown to have an impact on your battery lasting longer.

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