How Much Data Can 2TB Hard Drive Hold?

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We have already written about 4 terabytes of hard drive capacity and analyzed using images, video, and audio how much data they can carry. Writing about 2TB hard drive today would seem to some as an unnecessary duplication of content, the goal been that of increasing clicks to the site. Nothing can be further from the reality on ground, or online, at least on this site. A majority of our readers come from Google and other search engines.

A googler asking about 4TB hard drive capacity would be taken to our post on 4TB while those asking about 2TB would be taken to this one. If you come here using a 2 terabytes keyword, you would never have known, without been told, that we have a post on twice this capacity. Vice versa. In the event that you read the two posts, you would see that we wrote them using two refreshingly different approaches.

The measurements of data

A bit (b) is a tiny unit of digital information. 8 bites make one byte (B).

1,024 binary bytes makes one kilobyte (KB).

1,024 binary kilobytes make one megabyte (MB).

1,024 binary megabytes make one gigabyte (GB).

1,024 binary gigabytes make one terabyte (TB).

1,024 binary terabytes make one petabyte (PB).

1,024 binary petabytes make one exabyte (EB).

1,024 binary exabytes make one zettabyte (ZB).

1,024 binary zettabytes make one yottabyte (YB).

So far, the yottabyte is the last data measuring standard. At 1,152,921,500,000,000,000 megabytes or 1.1 quintillion MB or 1.1 million trillion MB, the yottabyte is nearly an impossible capacity of data to define.  But the world is going crazy and even the yottabyte is proving insufficient to measure data. According to, hellabyte and brontobyte are suggested as the term to measure data higher than YB.

How much data in a 2TB hard drive?

We would look at this using image, audio, and video copies to show this

Image files

Digital image sizes depend on the format, resolution, model, MP, editing, etc. involved.  An image can be as small as 20KB. An image can be 200KB. If this is the case, 2TB will contain approximately 10 million images. A 3MB photo will require 700,000 images to fill up 2TB.

Picture quality are measured with pixels. One million pixels make one megapixel. Today, the lowest professional shooting standard is 4MPs. 4 MPs images average 12 MB each, that will be about 1.5 million images in 2TB.

One of the highest MPs is 22 and it produces images of up to 66MB for each. This will amount to a quarter million of images in 2 terabytes.

Audio files

Audio can be measured in kilobits per second which is abbreviated as kbps. So, you will see lines such as 128 kbps or 198 kbps. This is not to be confused with kBps which stands for kilobytes per second. 1 kBps is equal to 8 kilobits just as above, I mentioned above that 8 bits make one byte. There are times you will see Mbps but sounds are mostly measured in bits, so you will see kbps most of the time.

A four-minute song at 128 kbps will come to you in about 5MB. In a 2TB hard drive, there will be room for approximately 419,000 songs.

An album is defined to contain at least 25 (in some cases 30 minutes) and has at least five tracks. So a five-track album, sometimes referred to as EP (extended play). An EP of four songs at 20MB would see your two terabyte drive contain about 200,000 of such.

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An eight-song album of about 40MB worth of data will see about 50,000 albums in a 2 terabyte storing capacity. A ten-song album which amounts to approximately 50MB will see your 2TB carry as much as 40K albums.

An album containing twelve songs recorded at a data of 60MB would see about 33,000 albums contained in a two-terabyte hard drive.

According to, the average length of a podcast is 43 minutes. Assuming this to be the fact, at 128 kbps, every minute would carry about 1.25MB. The average podcast would carry 54MB meaning that if you are into podcasts, you can store up to 37,000 podcasts in a 2TB HDD.

A CD contains about 650MB which means you can have about 3,226 of them in your 2TB.

Note that, one GB can only carry one CD since you can’t put half a CD in the remaining 374MB left in the GB, so the remaining space is useless for another CD. There are over 2000 GB in a 2TB space and they can hold over 3,200 CDs but if you were to have 2046 GB in one GB units, they would only carry 2046 CDs.

Video files

Pirated movies usually come in around 300MB. With this in mind, with a 2TB SDD, you can collect about 6,700 of such videos.

A superquality pirated video can be as high as 700MB which means you can have up to 2,872 of such video files in your 2TB storage.

1080p Full HD movies come at 3.5GB per movie. About 585 of them would fit into your 2 terabyte storage system.

A DVD contains 4.7 GB which means you can gather videos in 436 DVDs to fill 2TB.

One Blu-ray disc contains 25 GB. You will have to gather 80 Blu-ray discs to fill your hard drive measured at 2 terabytes.

4K Ultra HD/ 2160p movies come in about 100GB for one. If you own a 2TB hard drive, it can hold just about 20 movies.

8K movies are approximately 200GB in size and your 2TB hard drive will carry just 8 of them.

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